Our Mission Statement:

At Storybook Oakland, we know the brilliance that lies within each child. We create an environment that recognizes, empowers, and facilitates their naturally occurring development: social, mental, and physical

As experienced educators, we prioritize creating a safe and collaborative classroom where children are loved and their ideas are valued. 

Our mission is to nurture children so they can be their happiest, smartest, and strongest selves. We believe that in order to do this, we must teach to the heart, the brain, and the body through play and exploration

The Heart:

Our goal for the social development of the children in our care is for them to find joy in themselves, in others, and in the world. Our days will include song-filled morning circles, games with friends, communal meals, art, poetry, play, discovery, and creative arts. 

We are guided by the values of:

These values, combined with the love and respect we have for children, allow us to provide the support they need to be their happiest selves. We will provide a day full of opportunities for developing a proud identity, joyful friendships, and a curiosity for the world around us. 

Their joy is our success. 


The Brain:

Our goal for the cognitive development of children is to give them the space to pursue interests and ask questions.  Our role is to support them by offering an environment that piques curiosity, encourages collaboration, and provides tools that will launch them into a lifetime of joyful learning.

We are inspired by the Reggio Emilia practice and value the universality of the scientific process. Children's days will be filled with invitations to engage in literacy, math, art, and science. 

Literacy: Ingrained through our daily routines and activities will be an abundance of experiences with books, songs, letters, writing and language. 

Math: Through authentic tasks, children will be developing early number sense by noticing patterns, sorting objects, counting, adding, and subtracting. 

Art:  Art at Storybrook Oakland will include dance, role-playing, engineering, painting and drawing.  We know that art gives children a chance to express, share, create, set goals, and learn about each other. 

Science: Children love learning when driven by their natural curiosity.  As children play, we observe, and use their ideas to develop driving questions that are directly linked to their experiences and interests. Using the framework of the "Circle of Scientific Inquiry," children will be learning about physics, biology, and earth science. 

"The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled."       -Plutarch


The Body:

Our goal for the physical development of children is for them to be their strongest most independent selves. No matter what age a child may be, their motor skills develop through three phases: the cognitive, associative, and autonomous phases.

For example a child who wants to stand up:

1) thinks about where to grasp, how to put pressure on their feet, and how to hold their position as they rise (cognitive phase).

2) quickly eliminates inefficient strategies after trying a couple of times, and improves their performance (associative phase).

3) stands with mastery without needing to think about it (autonomous phase). 

With this process in mind, we specifically design the environment to stimulate a child's gross and fine motor development. 

Everyday your child will be presented with opportunities to crawl on grass, hop across stones, hike through the garden, touch the different textures of plants, ride trikes, push carts, and shoot hoops. The writing, painting, creating, and building we do indoors will improve their fine motor skills.  From the play structure children climb, to the tools they use to create art, from kicking a soccer ball, to peeling their own oranges at snack, every part of the day will provide rich opportunities for children to achieve independence.