Johanna was born and raised in the Bay Area.  Her parents adventured to California together as immigrants and so, from Johanna's perspective, she quickly saw that education would be the tool she could use to work toward her goals in life.  Her relationship with her three sisters and her close friends taught her the value of empathy and generosity.  She cared deeply about the world around her which lead to to both explore the world and study History at UC San Diego. It was there that Johanna worked in summer camps and in a recreation center and was inspired to begin a life long career working with children.  After graduating she began work at a preschool and was driven to apply to UC Berkeley to learn more about child development in education and it's role in Social Justice. She loves being with family and friends, travel, hiking, gardening, yoga, reading, and working with kids. 
Olivia is a native to California in the truest sense. She has lived in Northern California, Southern California, and the Bay Area. As an independently-minded oldest sibling, she was  grew up riding bikes with the neighbors, playing hopscotch with friends, and took theater, dance, and singing classes. At fifteen, Olivia worked at the YMCA, which sparked a life-long journey of working with children. She loved being the one consistent adult that the toughest kids could talk to and be able to count on. Being from a small town, Olivia realized that she was interested in exploring the world outside of her immediate experience. She went to UC San Diego and studied Human Development, studying abroad in Spain in her junior year. Meanwhile, she worked with preschoolers and nannied.  Olivia quickly realized the inequities that lay in education, and decided to pursue a Masters degree at UC Berkeley to learn about the ways that she could reach every child in education. She enjoys being outside in the sun, and being around people. 
Johanna and Olivia met in 2007 in the Developmental Teacher Education Master's Program at UC Berkeley's School of Education.  It was immediately clear to both that they were like minded hopeful educators.  It was through that experience that they gained the tools to apply best practices in their classrooms.  Their mission continues to be to nurture children so they can be their smartest, strongest, and happiest selves.